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OMG, FRIENDS ONLY [Jul. 12th, 2006|09:33 pm]

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(no subject) [Sep. 22nd, 2005|10:16 pm]
iStopForFruitCup (10:02:20 PM): In response to whom I am going with to the dance, I am more concerned about what I am wearing than with whom I am going.
CajunHoss87 (10:02:50 PM): Oh really now
CajunHoss87 (10:03:02 PM): well what might that something be
CajunHoss87 (10:04:32 PM): Translation: What are you going to wear?
iStopForFruitCup (10:05:10 PM): Oh, well, I dug up from the basement a bunch of dresses from the 50s that belonged to my great aunt, and they are all pretty killer, so I will wear one of those in all likelihood.
iStopForFruitCup (10:05:27 PM): With some insane tights, possibly a flashy jacket, big hair, etc.
iStopForFruitCup (10:05:36 PM): maybe even not sneakers for once.
CajunHoss87 (10:07:57 PM): Oh really! Do you mean to say that you will wear ....... chirp , chirp , chirp ........ ......... sawing ing the background.............more chirping..........a plane crashs in a nearby field......... even more chirping ......................................heels!

insouciantxcore (10:07:07 PM): change your screen name to istopforcrackwhores
iStopForFruitCup (10:07:20 PM): Man, I would, but that is too many letters
insouciantxcore (10:07:24 PM): I know.
insouciantxcore (10:07:25 PM): :-(
insouciantxcore (10:07:32 PM): Istop4crackhors
iStopForFruitCup (10:07:39 PM): hahahahaha

CajunHoss87 (10:20:58 PM): Guess what Dec. 13 is
iStopForFruitCup (10:21:05 PM): the day after December 12
CajunHoss87 (10:21:50 PM): close but long by a mile
iStopForFruitCup (10:23:01 PM): so what is it then?
CajunHoss87 (10:23:48 PM): well some comet is coming over from venus and it will be visible then
CajunHoss87 (10:23:56 PM): j/k
CajunHoss87 (10:24:04 PM): its my 18th B-day
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(no subject) [Jul. 6th, 2005|08:36 pm]
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[music |At the Drive-In]

neuromancer1324 (8:28:56 PM): hammy has to go the vet this week
neuromancer1324 (8:28:57 PM): he is losing alot of weight
iStopForFruitCup (8:29:05 PM): are you feeding him?
neuromancer1324 (8:29:12 PM): no
neuromancer1324 (8:29:13 PM): why would i?
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